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The development of modern medicine has created technology that can effectively compensate for the reproductive function that has been locked in the human body for various reasons.  The technology of in-vitro fertilization, or otherwise called "conception in vitro", is widely practiced throughout the world.  It has been getting increasingly popular in Russia too.  Using the capabilities of this technology, the donor Agency reproductions of "DAR" has defined his profile activities for the implementation of such an important social mission as helping childless couples.

«DAR» - a chance to become parents!

The main goal of our agency is to unite couples without children and those people who are willing to help them find a joy of parenthood.  Commercial interactions in this sensitive area require not only medical but also legal 2033542821__6 support.  Our assistance is based on the combined efforts of agency staff, competent lawyers and specialized professionals. We have built partnerships with renowned fertility clinics in St. Petersburg that support our efforts to provide services in surrogate motherhood.

«DAR» has the following programs:

  • Surrogate motherhood;
  • Oocyte donation;
  • Sperm donation.

Agency specialists will take care of all organizational and legal issues in the selection of donors for couples wishing to have children. We are interested in cooperation with donors, who (in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation) are young women under the age of 35 and who already have children of their own and do not suffer from genetic and psychosomatic diseases.  We look very closely to ensure the donation procedure to be carried out in compliance with all rules and medical indications.  Donation is anonymous but a couple may ask for a photo of the donor, such cases are taken into account in the documentation of the.  The donation is an issue that has a dual positive value for our customers: it allows one side to earn, and the other one to become parents.

Our Services Will Make Your Dreams to Come True